Christmas Decoration

Christmas Hanger

You will need 1 piece double sided paper or card
Small Christmas embellishment
Ribbon  optional
Paper folder
Double sided tape

You may remember these from your childhood, we used to fill them with popcorn and sweets  and hang them on the tree.  You can leave the ribbon off as I have done and fill them with little bits and pieces for a gift.
The size of your finished hanger will depend on the size of the original paper
The ones in the photos are 30cm  x 30cm sheets.

Fold the paper from the bottom corner to the top to make a triangle

Fold the right hand corner over to meet the left hand side of the triangle

Fold the other side over to match

Fold down the front flap and secure with a bit of d/s tape

Now decorate as you want.

If you want to hang it on the tree punch a small hole in either side and add ribbon.
Don't forget to check out Craft Mad's Santa's Workshop for some wonderful Christmas ideas.
Here is the link Craft Mad


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