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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Memo Board

Today I have a tutorial to show you.

This is a quick and simple memo board which would make an excellent gift.

You will need:
40cm x 30cm blank canvas
Bazzill Christmas Paper: Green Spot, Argyle Green, Mistletoe Kisses
Green Bazzill
Cork sheet

Step1: Paint the sides of the canvas and approx 5cm around the front edge. It is not necessary to paint the whole face of the canvas as it will not be seen however this is a personal choice.
Step2: Glue or tape a 30cm x 30cm sheet of Bazzill Green Dots Christmas paper to the left hand front of the canvas.

Step 3 Run 1cm wide (approx) ribbon diagonally across the page at 5 cm intervals, do not glue the ribbon onto the paper but secure it at the back of the canvas with staples or drawing pins. A strip of double sided tape on the canvas along the right hand edge of the paper is a good help until you have the ribbon in place. This will be covered with paper later.

Step 4: Run the ribbon in the opposite direction at the same intervals. You can add a glue dot where they intersect if you wish then secure them in the same manner as before at the back of the canvas with staples or drawing pins.
Run a piece of tape along the right hand side end of the ribbons to secure them in place.


Step 5: Glue or tape a 30cm x 15 cm piece of Bazzill Mistletoe Kisses Christmas paper onto the right hand side of the canvas.
Cut a 2 pieces of green Bazzil, one piece x 30cm x 4.5 cm and 1 piece 15cm x 4.5 cm, overlap them to make the total length 40 cm and glue together.

Do the same with Bazzill Argyle Green Christmas paper this time measuring 30cm x cm and 15cm x 4cm .Glue these together and the glue along the top of the canvas

Step 6: Cut a piece of green Bazzill measuring 25cm x 13.5cm and a piece of cork 24cm x 12.5cm.
Join together and glue onto the right hand side of the canvas. Add the word MEMO across the top.
Glue some flowers onto magnets and glue the other part of the magnet onto the cork.
I have added a small brad at each intersection of ribbon to hold it in place.
Add a hanger to the back of the canvas.
Add any embellishments and decorations of your choice.

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