Fathers Day Project

Fathers day is just around the corner in Australia so I woudl like to share some card tutorials with you over the next few days.
 Project 1

For this project you will need:

1 piece of card 28cm x 11cm

1 piece card 13cm x 8.5cm

1 piece card 8.5cm x 4cm

Patterned paper 13cm x 7.5cm

Patterned paper 7.5cm x 3cm

Stamp or digital image to suit the Male theme

Stickers and embellishments of your choice


Step1 Using the sketch provided cut and score the 28cm x 11cm piece of card at 2.5cm, 7cm, 9.5cm, 18.5cm, 21cm, 25.5cm. (note: the sketch is not to scale)
Step2 Make a mark at 14cm and cut a slit 1cm in from each side

Step3:  Join the larger piece of patterned paper to the 13.8.5 piece of card with glue or double sided tape.

Step 4: Decorate this panel now and then slide it down through the centre slit. Fold on all score lines and adhere the bottom edge of the panel to the first flap of each side of the base.

Step5: Glue the small piece of patterned paper to the small piece of card. Decorate as you wish and glue to the front of the card.

The card will fold flat for posting.

I apologise for not being able to credit the origin of the  digi image . It was passed onto me by a friend. If you know, please let me know so I can acknowledge it.


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