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Hello and welcome to Crafty Kayes Room. I enjoy cardmaking, scrapbooking, off the page and miniatures. I would like to share some of my projects with you. I hope that you enjoy your time here and will visit again soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Craft Mad Annual Retreat

The  lucky door prizes for the retreat this year were all made by my sister-in law- Ruth 

I thought this was a wonderful idea. A write on wipe off weekly reminder board.
This was won by Therese. 

A very useful shopping list reminder board. 
This was won by Ruth .

and  a very handy telephone message canvas which was won by Tracey 

An extra prize each day was this pen holder, excellent for the craft desk.

I made these calendar boxes up as an extra surprise so every one went home with a prize.

and the winner is 

Booby Prizes 

Guessing game
Tracey ....are you counting those bananas  lol


CathyC said...

such wonderful prizes :) love my little calendar! who won the bananas? :)

Kaye said...

Thanks Cathy, Mandy won the guessing game after a redraw of the closest to the winning number ...68.

CathyC said...

:) thanks