Craft Mad Annual Meet Up 2016

As I mentioned last week we held the Annual Craft Mad Retreat at our home during the long weekend earlier this month.
I would like to share some photos of the event with you over the next couple of weeks.
Our theme this year was "Ladies Who Lunch "
Our lucky door prizes for this year also in keeping with our theme
Tea pot and cup and saucer bookends 
Craft Pack

Huge cup and saucer planter and spring bulbs

Calendar stand

Thank you for visiting my blog this week.
 I hope you are enjoying the photos from our retreat.
More next week. 





CathyC said…
:) cool! love seeing your pics :) Just as well Jan did not need to fly back home LOL I think that would have to be 'carry on' luggage LOL
Loz said…
Fabulous pictures Kaye. I LOVE the first one with the teacup and Pot book ends..Loz
Merry said…
Love that huge cup and saucer planter, hope Jan takes photos of the bulbs when they flower.

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