Craft Mad Annual Meet Up 2016

As I mentioned last week we held the Annual Craft Mad Retreat at our home during the long weekend earlier this month.
I would like to share some photos of the event with you over the next couple of weeks.
Our theme this year was "Ladies Who Lunch "
A few more photos from the weekend

Ron and me

De-stressing with bubbles

Mandy tempting Jan with sweets

Jan giving in to temptation

Mandy into the nachos
Vandals in the garden

Kerry and Mandy


Merry said…
Great photos Kaye. Especially of you and Ron. Looks like a lot of fun was had, and I missed bubbles. :-( :-)
CathyC said…
bubbles! these pics made me actually laugh out loud :)
Loz said…
Fabulous photos Kaye. I love the bubbles de-stressing idea..Loz

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