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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wedding Explosion Box

I have been asked for a tutorial for this project so here it is.

1)    Using a 12’ x 12’ sheet of white Bazzill , score and fold 4” in from each end.
2)    Using the fold lines as guides, cut the squares from the corners on 3 sides only.
3)    On the last side, draw a pencil line 1/2 “in, cut this line to the corresponding fold line.
4)    To decorate the outside of the box and using the eCraft and the Jen Allyson Designs Image card, Category 2, Frames, cut 4 x 4” Image 9 Frame 3 from black Bazzill.
5)     Using the same design card and image, cut 4 X 3 ½”frames from white Bazzill.
6)    From the same design card cut 4 x 3” frames from black glitter paper.
7)    Using Jen Allyson Celebrates image card, Category 2, Weddings, cut 4 x 2 ½”  red Bazzill and 4 x 2 ½” white Bazzill Scalloped Edge Heart Cut Outs.
8)    Using the photo as a guide and using either glue or double sided tape, join 1 x 4”, 1 x 3 ½”, 1 x 3” together and then add the centre from the white heart and the scalloped edge from the red heart to the centre of the panel. Retain the red heart centres for the inside of the box
9)    Attach to the outside panel of the box. Repeat with the other 3 panels.
10)  Fold over the ½” strip and glue it to inside of the neighbouring side.
11) To make the lid cut a piece of white Bazzill 6” x 6”. Score ½” in from each side .snip corners and secure with glue. Using the eCraft cut a 4” glitter paper Image 9 Frame 3 as before and attach to the lid of the box. Decorate with hearts or flowers of your choice.  I have used flowers cut from Fundamntals1 Image Card, Category 3, Flowers.
                    Your box is now complete.
To decorate the inside of the box
1)    Using the eCraft and the Jen Allyson Designs image card and the same frame image as before cut 1 x 4” frame from Black glitter paper, 2 x 3 ½” frames from black Bazzill and 2 x 3” from white Bazzill.
2)    Glue the 4” glitter paper frame to the centre square.
3)    Join the black and white Bazzill frames together and the glue them to the two front inside panels.
4)    Again using the eCraft and the Jen Allyson Celebrates Image card and the scalloped heart used previously, cut 2 x 1” red and 2 x 2 ½ “ black Scalloped Edge Hearts.
5)    Separate the hearts from the scalloped edges and glue the 1” red hearts on to the front inside panels then glue one red heart centre and one black scalloped edge onto the corners of the back panels.
  To make the cake 
1)    Using the eCraft, Fundamentals 1 image card and white Bazzill cut 2 x 3 ½”circles, 2 x 2 ½” circles and two 2 x 2” circles. Attach ½ inch strips of white Bazzill across the centre of one circle and then bend over at the edges of the circles. Bend this strip again so that it measures 1” high and glue the other circle to the strips.  This gives you a platform to glue the cake sides on to.
2)    Using a 12” x 12” piece of white Bazzill, punch a decorative edge along one side and then cut it so that the edge will sit up above the edge of your cake platform  Glue all the way around your cake.
3)    Repeat this step with the other two cake platforms.
4)    Glue the three cakes together and decorate as desired then glue to the inside centre of the box.
To finish the Explosion Box add rhinestones and greetings of your choice.

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